Les Cramer’s Christian Warrior Sports Training Center

Coming Soon! – Pensacola, FL

We bundle personal training packages as low as $5 per workout. We beat any gym in town! We have something nobody else has; Les Cramer, TV host and 9 times World Champ, 15 times National Champ. He will do your one-on-one training.

We have thousands of dollars in equipment and looking for a partner at 40% ownership in this limited LLC. Shares are offered as follows: 40% 94k, 30% 74k, 20% 50k, 15% $38,500,10% $27,000.

Marketing plan; Walkins, TV & radio ads, letters to schools and coaches, Olympic and power lifters, CrossFit, free guest passes, Craigslist, and free news. Come and join the team!

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