9 Times World Champion

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Les Cramer – 9 times World Champion, 15 times National Champ, the nations best duel sports coach for Olympic and power lifting. Les has more wins than any other lifter in the world. 380 meets in Olympic, power lifting and physique, starting in 1962, with a 95% winning percentage and a super coaching record; an undefeated Jr. high football team, (Tennessee) and an undefeated soccer team in Florida.

Les Coached the World’s strongest man Don Reinhoudt at his house gym in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had a morning TV show in Nashville, Tennessee called Celebrity Exercise; published Power Lifting Journal magazine, and had over 250 lifting articles published.

Les was power lifting editor for Joe Weiders Muscle Fitness, did lifting exhibitions with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1972 (pictured below) and was power lifting editor for Strength and Health and Muscle Development magazine.

As trainer at Trevecca Nazarene University, he led the Allegheny Mountain weight lifting team to 55 wins in a row for over 5 years. An AAU record still today. Set 50 worlds records in the squat. He has not been beaten in that lift since 1972. Les has 15 world records in the bench press having done 326lbs, at age 53 weighing 165, has 5 world dead lift records and 25 total records in the 3 power lifts, 100s of national records, 120 state records in 7 states and is currently coaching Lora Edwards age 51, world power lifting champ, who is doing lifts of squat 300, bench 200, and dead lift 375, at 155lbs.

The difference between Les and other personal trainers is that he’s still doing it at international levels, in 2 sports. Some trainers have done well in the past but Les is still doing it!